A rare release that pushes what you think a beer is meant to be, Samual Adams releases its much sought after Utopias beer. Sam Adams Utopias has become one of the top 5 most wanted beers for any truly dedicated craft beer advocate. It’s brewed using two-row Carmel and Munich malts and Noble hops. Then things take a turn in a very strange direction as the beer gets blended with several different barrel-aged beer’s -including old stock from every previous Utopias release.  After some maple syrup is added the whole blend is batch finished and left to sit in a variety of different barrels that once held cognac, Armagnac, ruby port, sweet Madeira and several other old barrels that once held savory hard beverages. The Utopias beer is uncarbonated and meant to be savored like a fine whiskey and rightfully so, it weighs in at 28% ABV and easily is the most complex beer you will ever drink.

Learn more about the Sam Adams Utopias Beer Here

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