Chillsner – Chill Your Beer from the Inside Out

Nobody likes a warm beer, and keeping your brew of choice cold is more important than a lot of things; like work, or picking up your kids from soccer practice. If you’re rather fancy you might remember the famous Corkcicle wine-chiller. The same guys came up with a sweet new idea to keep your beer frosty. The Chillsner is a slightly smaller, beer-friendly stainless-steel rod that will fit standard long-neck beer bottles.

Because of the Chillsner’s stainless construction and its proprietary thermal coolant it’ll only take 45 minutes of freezer-time before your slightly sexual-looking beer rod is good to go. The coolest part of the Chillsner is its vented neck which, combined with the airtight seal and stylish mouthpiece allows the user to continue dr.inking without having to remove it. Head over to Amazon and pick up your Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller, 2-Pack

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